Here at Hunters Hair Specialist we want each and every visit to make an impact. We take these 8 simple steps to ensure your experience is the best it can be.

Welcoming YOU into our world

A warm, friendly and relaxing experience.

Getting to know YOU and your needs

It is imperative that we understand your hair regime. 40% of your style is from you and 60% from your professional stylist.

YOUr bit of me time

A rejuvenating scalp massage and shampoo experience in our wash house.

The tailor made cut YOU deserve

It's all about you.

Teaching YOU to do what we do

It's not just about today, we want you to have fabulous hair every day.

A home care regime designed especially for YOU

Your personalised product prescription.

Check YOU out

100% satisfaction guaranteed.

YOUr ivitation to rebook your next visit and recommend us

We'd love to see you again and why not bring a friend?